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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How are BLUEMONEYGRILLZ products made?

Our hip hop chains, pendants, bracelets, and earrings are crafted using cutting-edge technology, ensuring they capture the spirit of the music we love. Each product undergoes a meticulous process, including 5 layers of 14K or 18K gold or rhodium plating to prevent tarnishing.

2. What materials are used in your jewelry?

Our brass necklaces and pendants provide both style and quality. Hand-set CZ stones adorn our pendants and chains, placed along a micro pave setting for that dazzling iced-out look.

3. Who creates BLUEMONEYGRILLZ products?

Every BLUEMONEYGRILLZ product is carefully crafted by our professional jewelry masters. Each stone is meticulously set by hand, reflecting our commitment to providing the most perfect products at the best prices.

4. How do I ensure a proper fit for my Grillz?

For those with a crooked front tooth, our Grillz fit with the molding bars provided. Wearers of dentures can shape the molds to their teeth, and the adjustable prongs in the back offer flexibility. If you experience any issues, there are resources available, including videos on molding.

5. What if my Grillz feel loose?

If you find your Grillz to be loose-fitting, there are molding adjustment techniques you can explore. If the issue persists, please reach out to us, and we'll assist you in finding the best solution.

6. Is there an adjustment period for wearing Grillz?

Yes, it's normal to take a couple of hours to get used to wearing Grillz. The adjustment period varies from person to person, and we recommend allowing yourself time to acclimate.

7. Will Grillz fit everyone?

Grillz are designed to fit average or slightly larger than average teeth. If your teeth are slightly smaller than average, you can bend the Grillz to fit your mouth, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for a broader range of teeth.

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